Voice Acting Reels

Corporate Showreel

Corporate Showreel - Mike Paul Vox
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Character Showreel

Gaming/Cartoon Character Reel - Mike Paul Vox
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Newsreader - LA Times

Epic Movie Trailer

Elise Tyler
Voicebox Agency

Amazing artist with a great attitude and turnaround time. We have used Michael and every time he responds well and goes above and beyond, even when deadlines are very early in the morning! Pleasure to work with!

Character Improv: Gulbert

Character Improv: Evil Bunny

Video Game: Companion

Video Game: Three Characters

Help Video Series: Instant Win Games
Client: The National Lottery / Volcano City
OneHub by Benefex
Client: Benefex / Voicebox
Video Game Character Demo
Mike Paul Vox
Previous Client

Michael was great to work with. Delivered top quality work with great communication and professionalism. Hope to work with Michael again!

Audiobook Narration

My Parents Cancelled My Birthday - Mike Paul
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City Guide - San Marino

City Tour Guide - Mike Paul
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Audiobook Character Acting

Theo, Father, Mother - Audiobook Characters
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Emotional Story - Men's Health

Male Vulnerability - Men's Health
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Football Commentary

Football Commentary [Clip]
USA v Denmark, Homeless World Cup 2011 

The first final I was assigned was the City Cup Final between the USA and Denmark. The Danish media team were very complimentary, and requested to the organisers that I be the commentator for all their games. Commentary begins around the 3:40 mark.

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