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CM01/02 Stories

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In January 2019, I embarked on a nostalgic adventure with Championship Manager 01/02 to take Rushden and Diamonds to the summit of the Premier League. As the game is now legal freeware, I downloaded and installed the vanilla version (which you can also do by clicking here), with no updates or patches, and launched right in. 


After Diamond Geezers came to an end in the summer of 2019, I re-launched my "managerial career" at Los Coladeros, a brand new club based in Seville and competing in the bottom division of Spanish football. I can assure you that the whole thing is very, very silly.

I don't get paid for writing any of this stuff, but it's gathered quite an audience, and I'm honoured to know that the series' have even helped some people through some really tough times.


If you like the series and want to support me, you can use the button below to buy me a coffee! Also, if there's some #content I can create for you, just drop me an email to

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A few people have asked me about #DiamondGeezers merch, and not one to miss an opportunity to give the people what they want, I've launched a Teespring store containing what I hope is some stuff that you're interested in! Full disclosure: I make about £5 from each item you buy, regardless of the price you pay. So in buying, you're also sending me a bit of cash, which is very lovely of you - thanks for that - plus you get some kind of product afterwards too! Is everyone a winner? It sure feels that way.


Also, for further full disclosure, everything is fulfilled by Teespring and I've never seen or held any of the products that are available in the store. I assume they're good quality otherwise the platform wouldn't exist, but if your thing turns out to be crap, return it to them and send me your feedback personally to If enough people tell me it's crap, I'll just close the store. Ain't nobody got time for that.

If you've got any ideas for merch you'd like to see, please do get in touch and I'll do my best to use my highly-tuned Adobe Photoshop skills to bring them to life. Happy plundering!



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The #DiamondGeezers series is already making huge waves in the football and gaming crossover community. I'm so happy about the number of people who are not only reading the episodes, but also taking the time to email, tweet and comment about how much they're enjoying it.

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I'm writing Diamond Geezers for nothing, because I absolutely love it. However, it's now my third job - alongside working full-time in an office, and the rest of the time as a voice actor. To that end, we're seeking a corporate partner in order to secure the future of the series. It could legitimately go on for years if we want it to... and I do, because it's amazing. We are able to offer your brand:


  • A mention in every episode

  • Mentions in all tweets from my Twitter account - impressions visible above for mine alone

  • I'll rename the unsponsored League Cup after your brand within the game

  • Links in each article to the webpage of your choice whenever your brand is mentioned

  • A further link again at the end of each article

If you're interested in attaching your brand or company to #DiamondGeezers, get in touch with me and let's talk!

Praise for Diamond Geezers

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