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I've worked in TV and radio broadcasting on and off since 2002, with my own local and student radio shows in Southampton and a high-profile presenting job for Southampton FC and Sky Sports, but made a leap towards football commentary in 2011 with some voluntary work for the Homeless World Cup in Paris. Clips of my commentary can be found below, and were also featured on BBC Scotland and Canal+.

I am available for all forms of sports commentary, though I take a particularly keen interest in football. I am available for live matchday reporting, voxpops, pitchside interviews, player profiles and post-match studio highlight voiceovers. Send your enquiry to

Football Commentary [Full Match]
Brazil v Philippines, Homeless World Cup 2011

Day 6 of the Homeless World Cup, and by this time I had managed to get the names of all the players and been promoted to the role of Head Commentator. Match commentary begins around the 1:06 mark.

Football Commentary [Clip]
USA v Denmark, Homeless World Cup 2011 

The first final I was assigned was the City Cup Final between the USA and Denmark. The Danish media team were very complimentary, and requested to the organisers that I be the commentator for all their games. Commentary begins around the 3:40 mark.

Football Commentary [Full Match]
Scotland v Mexico, Homeless World Cup Final 2011

The final of the mens' tournament, which I was honoured to be asked to provide the English commentary for. It's actually not my best work, as I was over-excited about the prospect of my adopted nation contesting the final, but hopefully it shows a certain level of intensity when the situation demands it. Commentary begins around the 7:10 mark.

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